A second plane carrying Britons from Sudan has arrived in Larnaca

The second transport plane carrying British nationals from Sudan landed early on Wednesday morning at Larnaca airport

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The second transport aircraft carrying British nationals from Sudan landed early on Wednesday morning at Larnaca airport.

The number of rescued citizens was not immediately specified by British authorities, but information from Tuesday indicated that a total of three flights by dawn would bring a total of around 260 people to Cyprus. The landing of the third flight was not announced until early morning by the British side.

The first flight to land on Tuesday at the Cyprus airport carried 39 survivors, according to the BBC, including infants and the elderly, categories of citizens who were given priority.

The British aim is to give these people the option to travel to Britain within 48 hours.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said many more flights would take place while the truce held in the African country, with 2.000 British passport holders having informed the Foreign Office they wished to leave the country.

British evacuation flights are operating from Wadi Saeedna Airport north of the capital Khartoum.

Until Tuesday the control and security of the airport was the task of German soldiers, who are however leaving today as the corresponding German evacuation operation has been completed.

This task is now being undertaken by British soldiers, as Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said. Around 120 members of the British armed forces are on site, as well as teams from the Foreign Office and the Home Office to check documents.

However, the British Government continues to receive criticism for the slow process compared to other countries and for the directive to British citizens to go to the airport in their own vehicles, amid uncertainty about the observance of the ceasefire and a lack of fuel.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman this morning defended the British operation, saying it was adapting to the dangerous conditions on Sudanese soil. He reiterated that Britain has far more nationals in Sudan than any other country.