The operation of airports was not affected by the work stoppage of Pol employees. Aviation,

"the operation of the two airports continues as normal"

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The operation of the airports of Larnaca and Paphos was not affected by the spontaneous two-hour work stoppage in which the staff of the Airport Service and of the Traffic Office of Larnaca and Paphos, who are members of PASYDY, went on strike from seven in the morning.

As the representative of the managing company of Larnaca and Paphos airports, Hermes Airports, reported this morning to KYPE, "the operation of the two airports continues as normal".

In a statement by the PASYDY Civil Aviation Department Employees Branch, it is stated that "the reasons that pushed the staff to strike are the breach of promises we have received from two Ministers, three General Directors of the Ministry of Transport and also the Director of the Civil Aviation Department regarding the deduplication of positions of the Airport Service, which the Department of Civil Aviation unilaterally decided to abolish in 2018".

It is added that "the abolition of the positions results in the serious understaffing of the Airport Service, affecting the orderly operation and security of our airports. The case of Paphos airport is typical, where in several cases in order not to close the airport due to understaffing, colleagues who work at Larnaca airport are forced to transfer to Paphos to serve the needs and gaps created by understaffing", it is noted.

We realize, the announcement continues, "that the measures we are forced to take will inconvenience our fellow citizens, and we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. But we want to underline that for many years we have shown our good intentions towards the final solution of the problem".

Unfortunately, they note "the letter we received last week from the Department of Public Administration and Personnel where they inform us of the existence of another agreement with the Department of Civil Aviation, contrary to what we agreed in the presence of the current Minister and the current Director General of the Ministry of Transport, left us surprised and with a unique measure of reaction the work attitude. We wonder how such a decision was made, in the absence of the staff and the official PASYDY".

The Civil Aviation Department Employees Branch of PASYDY also states that "we expect the immediate and catalytic intervention of both the state and the Minister and the Director General of the Ministry of Transport for the immediate resolution of the problem. We don't ask for anything more and we don't accept anything less than the immediate implementation of what we agreed on, that is, the de-duplication of positions, and we hope that the issue will have a happy ending to avoid further escalation," he notes.