The cause of death of the infant in Larnaca was not ascertained

The cause of death of the two-month-old infant who was found dead yesterday Sunday has not been ascertained

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The causes of death of the two-month-old infant, who was found dead by his mother in his crib in Larnaca yesterday Sunday, have not been ascertained.

As Haris Hatzigiasemi, press representative of the Larnaca Police Directorate, reported to KYPE, "at noon, the required autopsy was performed at the Larnaca General Hospital on the body of the 2-month-old infant, who was found around 06.30:22 on Sunday, January XNUMX, dead in his crib from his mother. The infant had internal injuries in the mouth area and was immediately transferred to the city hospital where the doctors on duty declared his death".

He added that "the autopsy was carried out by Coroner Angeliki Papetta, however the cause of the infant's death was not ascertained. Samples have been taken to be sent to the Institute of Genetics and Neurology for specialized testing."

Source: KYPE