The 33-year-old does not admit to the robbery in Larnaca

A count is made by the Bank to verify the amount of the stolen amount

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A 33-year-old resident of a village in Larnaca province was arrested in connection with an investigated robbery case at a bank branch in Larnaca.

According to information from the Police, the 33-year-old was arrested with a court warrant and is being interrogated.

In statements to KYPE, senior lieutenant Haris Hatzigiasemi, spokesman for the Larnaca Police Department, said that so far the 33-year-old does not admit anything and is expected to appear in court tomorrow for a detention order.

Asked if it was found out what the 33-year-old was holding, Mr. Hatzigiasemi said that it seems in the closed circuits of the Bank that he has something in his hand and it is being analyzed to find out who it is.

Asked if the amount stolen has been ascertained, Mr. Hatzigiasemi said that the Bank is counting to verify the amount.

Source: KYPE