It did not happen again! The new "Star Cyprus 2017" swept the titles

Star Cyprus, Maria Armenaki

Star Cyprus 2017 was completed with a brilliant night at the Pavillion Hall in Nicosia with presenter Konstantina Evripidou.

For the grand final, the jury consisted of important personalities who stand out in their kind and in their professional field.

Nikolas Ioannidis, Alexis Papas, Marcia Thrasyvoulou, Andrea Kyriakou, Kalia Eleftheriou, Marie Nikol Georgiou, Pantelis Panteli, Iliana Charalambous, Evelyn Kazantzoglou, Adi Shum, Irena Georgiadou, Grigoris Lampros were the ones who role in the emergence of the winner and the other titles.

The finalists walked the catwalk, wore impressive swimsuits and dresses and answered the judges' questions, each giving their best.

But one managed to become Star Cyprus 2017 and wear the crown of the beauty queen. The big winner of the night is Adriana Fiakka, who excitedly hugged the other finalists and warmly thanked all those who supported her for her victory.


See the crowned ones for this year, which will represent our country in international competitions.

Star Cyprus 2017: Adriana Fiakka
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Miss Cyprus 2017: Maria Armenaki
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Miss Young 2017: Konstantina Kavalierou
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2017st Alternate XNUMX: Ismini Evanthi
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2017nd Alternate XNUMX: Daria Erochina
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Miss Calzedonia 2017: Maria Armenaki

Miss Merz Spezial 2007: Andriana Fiakka

Face of Intimissimi 2017: Andriana Fiakka

Face of Wella 2017: Andriana Fiakka