Life imprisonment for the murderer of 16-year-old Stelios - His mother is shocked

"Our hearts are broken"

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The murderer of the 16-year-old Cypriot, Stelios Averkios, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

According to British media Kyi-Reice Sylvester after the sentencing is expected to serve at least 19 years in prison after fatally wounding Stelios in August 2021.

It is noted that the unfortunate teenager was spotted injured at the Lordship Recreation Ground on August 1 and was in a critical condition in hospital, but died ten days after his injury.

The court heard how 16-year-old Stelios was stabbed in the leg when he intervened to prevent the robbery of his friends by the attacker and his accomplice.

Inspector Neil Rawlinson told the court that: “I am satisfied with the conviction. It is in the right direction, because people who steal and are a threat to everyone's safety do not belong in society. I am confident that their sentences will reflect the seriousness of the crimes they have committed."

He added that: “Another life has been cut short by people carrying knives. Stelios' family has been through hell, from the moment of the attack to the agony in the hospital and from the death of the 16-year-old to the conclusion of the trial. My hope is that his loved ones find some comfort in the decision. My thoughts are with them."

His mother's mother said: “My family has been torn apart by an act of blind violence. Stelios did nothing wrong. He was a 16-year-old boy with his friends in the park. I cannot fathom how (the perpetrator) did this thing. Our hearts are broken."

His mother Maria is from Aradippou in Larnaca and his grandfather from Limassol.