Classes are interrupted due to the heat, Pancypriots are held normally

Due to the expected high temperatures, classes are canceled today

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Due to the expected high temperatures, classes are suspended today at 10:45 am. in the public schools of Primary Education, Kindergartens and Special Schools, while the optional All-Day Schools will not operate at all. The Pancypriot Examinations program will be held as usual.

As the Ministry of Education had announced, "based on the recommendations of the Meteorological Service and the Ministry of Health, next Friday 14/06/2024, a day on which particularly high temperatures are predicted, classes in all Primary Education units will be suspended on 10:45 a.m.'

Yesterday the Minister of Education Athina Michailidou stated that after the warning from the Department of Meteorology for Friday "we gave instructions to the schools, of course to make use of the rooms that have air conditioning, to make it easier for the children", while she said that "where there are none, to take a provision for the windows as well as for all the measures we have been taking all these years".

It is noted that those parents/guardians who wish to leave their children at home, on that particular day, can do so, while the children's absences on that day will be considered justified.

Besides, in another announcement, the Ministry of Education said that remedial/remedial teaching classes in public Secondary General and Secondary Technical Education and Training schools will also be suspended at 10:45 am.

The Ministry also notes that the All-Cypriot Entrance Examinations will take place as normal.