Protest against the measures for primary school children outside Parliament

The entrance to the courtyard of the conference center is blocked by railings

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Protests against the use of masks in primary schools, rapid test checks and vaccinations are ongoing outside the House of Representatives at the conference center.

The entrance to the courtyard of the conference center has been blocked with railings, while in the area of ​​the Parliament there are police officers with anti-disturbing dependence.

Protesters, numbering about 300, chanted slogans such as "Under the arms of our children", "Bread, education, freedom", "Resign", and there were voices calling for the resignation of the President of the Republic. Most of the protesters are not wearing protective masks, while elementary and kindergarten children are also protesting.

Banners read slogans such as "Our children are not guinea pigs", "Yes to democracy, yes to human rights, No to the new order" and "No to the fascism of the new order".

People held placards with slogans such as "A hand reaching out to our children", "Please stop" and "Freedom, no segregation, no dictatorship, no terrorism", while English signs read "Life under fear is easier to control" and "hands down from our children"