Protest in Kokkinotrimithia for the Pournara Hospitality Center

'' The problems caused are huge ''

china cel 334 43 PROTESTS, Kokkinotrimithia, Pournara

Residents of the area and the surrounding areas will hold a protest against the presence of the Pournara Hospitality Center in the area of ​​Kokkinotrimithia on Saturday (11/12) following a decision of the Community Council.

In a letter to the Minister of Interior dated December 6, the community leaders of the areas of Kokkintrimithia, Denia and Mammari note the reasons for which they are protesting.

The letter states: "It has come to our notice that you are proceeding with the expansion of the Reception Center, even temporarily despite your promises to the contrary to our community.

The problems caused are huge.

1. Health problems of the inhabitants

2. Security problems of the inhabitants

3. Problems / increase in crime

4. Economic decline of the area

5. Freezing of growth

We therefore demand from the Government such as:

1. The movement of immigrants within the community is prohibited

2. Limit their number to 600 which is the number that can serve the Center

3. To remain in the Center for 20 days and to be transferred elsewhere as provided by law

4. Improve the living conditions of the 600 who will remain inside the center

5. To apply the Laws of the Republic to all immigrants as they apply to Cypriot citizens. That is, to arrest the drug dealer, to crack down on the sidewalk of women and to expel those who create riots and illegal actions inside and outside the Center.

6. Planning the departure of all immigrants from the community "

It is noted that the protest will take place on Saturday (11/12) 10: 00-12: 00 in the morning.

Source: sigmalive