Clarifications regarding the marking on single-use plastics

Clarifications regarding the marking on single-use plastics


The Department of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment made clarifications regarding the labeling instructions for single-use plastics in an announcement on Wednesday, in the context of the controls carried out for the implementation of the provisions of the Law on Waste (L.48(I )/2022) with the aim of reducing the impact of certain single-use plastic products on the environment.

Specifically, it is noted that the deadline for accepting sticker marking on items required by the European Directive and national legislation expires on 31/12/2022, while from 1/1/2023 all products that will be released on the market and which fall under the provisions of the Legislation for placing the marking should have the marking printed or engraved, depending on the specifications, as derived from the European Regulation 2020/2151/EU.

As stated, in accordance with article 36H of the Waste Law (L. 48/(Ι)2022) regarding the labeling requirements, the single-use plastic products provided for in the provisions of Part D, Annex VIA, which are available on the market, must bear visible, legible and indelible markings on their packaging or on the product itself, as provided for in the harmonized specifications issued by the European Commission's Executive Regulation EU/2020/215.

It is also clarified that the above includes products such as sanitary napkins, tampons and tampon applicators (excluding sanitary napkins, incontinence diapers and baby diapers), wet wipes (pre-moistened wipes for personal hygiene and household use), tobacco products with a filter and circulating filters on the market for use in conjunction with tobacco products, as well as drinking glasses which are made wholly or partly of plastic.

Source: KYPE