Clarifications on the measures from the Ministry of Health - What you need to know

Clarifications Min. Health for the measures - Everything that will apply

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Clarifications on the decisions of the Council of Ministers:

Pillar 1: Provide incentives to encourage and expedite the vaccination program

As part of efforts to acceleration of the vaccination program and to citizens, especially young people, should be encouraged to get vaccinated against Covid-19, the following incentives have been decided at this stage:

1. Concession holiday allowance to vaccinated from 15 July to 31 August. The details of the vacation allowance plan will be announced by the competent Ministry of Tourism on Monday, July 5th.

2. Concession five-day honorary leave to those national guards who have been vaccinated or will be vaccinated by 31η August 2021. The honorary days will be awarded to the national guards of 2020 ESSO as well as to the conscripts of 2021 ESSO. The decision was taken after a suggestion by the Minister of Defense Mr. Charalambos Petridis and more details will be given in the near future by the Ministry of Defense.

3. In order to encourage workers to be vaccinated, so as to ensure that workplaces continue to operate as safely as possible, it was decided the granting of a special permit on the days of their vaccination, to employees of the public, wider public and private sector. The days (one if vaccination with the Johnson & Johnson monosodium vaccine and two if vaccination with AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer / BioNTech vaccines) will be in addition and will not be deducted from the employee's annual leave.

The same arrangement will apply to the cases working parents / legal guardians of a minor to be vaccinated. It is understood that the parent / legal guardian who will accompany the minor for vaccination must provide a copy of their child's Vaccination Card for confirmation.

Pillar 2: Authorization of the Minister of Health to continue the consultationwith public law organizations and private organizations and companies

With the basic aim of finding additional incentives to encourage young people aged 18-30 to be vaccinated, the Council of Ministers authorized the Minister of Health to proceed in the next few days to consult with private bodies and bodies under Public Law, as well as with private companies and organized bodies of the economy. The Minister of Health, after the completion of the consultation, will present to the Council of Ministers in its next session the framework of suggestions for discussion and / or decision making.

Pillar 3: Stricter measures in synchronization areas and increased risk of virus transmission, where outbreaks have become apparent

From the data of the Tracing Team are recorded in the last days large case congestion in synchronization areas, such as bars, clubs, places of entertainment, coke, as well as in social events, such as weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties, etc. Indicatively, case chains associated with entertainment venues number more than 50 people, making the task of tracking difficult. In many cases, there is not the necessary cooperation in terms of cases to declare their contacts, resulting in valuable time is lost and the likelihood of the virus spreading to the community increases.

Therefore, in order to minimize the phenomenon of creating large chains of cases, but also to give the right to all citizens, vaccinated or not, to socialize safely, the following were decided by the Ministry:

1. From 9 July, will be required having SafePass indoors and outdoors, where there is an increased risk of transmission and more than 20 people congregate (eg workplaces, bars, clubs, weddings, graduation and birthday parties, etc.).

It is reminded that SafePass is valid for people aged 12 and over and the conditions for obtaining it are the possession of a certificate of completion of the vaccination regimen, or the possession of proof of recovery from the disease COVID-19 in the last 6 months, either having a negative result from PCR or rapid antigen test. It is clarified that from 9 July, and in cases of occupation SafePass with a negative test result PCR ή fasttest antigen, this should be valid for 72 hours.

2. From 9 July to 20 July, the entry into football matches, at a rate of 50% of the stadiums only for people who have complete their vaccination regimen or have vaccinated with 1η dose of the vaccine and 3 weeks have elapsed, or for holders Negative 72-hour PCR test certificate, or for people who they made me sick Covid-19 in the last 6 months. 50% capacity with the same criteria applies to cinemas, theaters and concerts.

3. From 21 July, the entry into football matches into a 75% occupancy rate of stadiums only for people who have completed their vaccination regimen and for people who got sick with Covid-19 in the last 6 months. 75% capacity with the same criteria applies to cinemas, theaters and concerts.

4. From 1η August 2021, The Cypriots and passengers legally residing in the Republic of Cyprus should follow the protocols that apply to all passengers, unless they have been vaccinated with 1η dose of the vaccine. Specifically, only people who have been vaccinated with 1η dose of the vaccine will be entitled to perform a molecular test at the airports of the Republic upon arrival.

For example, if a Cypriot or permanent resident of the Republic travels to Cyprus from a country of Orange Category (a negative PCR test), may perform PCR test at airports upon arrival, only if at least 1 has been vaccinatedη dose of the vaccine or if he has a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 the last 6 months. If one of the above conditions does not apply, the passenger must provide negative test result PCRfrom its country of origin with a validity of 72 hours.

Respectively, Cypriots and passengers permanently residing in the Republic traveling to Cyprus from its country Red Category (two negative PCR tests), must produce a negative test result PCR from their country of origin with a capacity of 72 hours and carry out 2ο upon arrival at the airports of the Republic at their own expense. It is understood that passengers who have been vaccinated with at least 1η dose of the vaccine or have a certificate of recovery from COVID-19 in the last 6 months, they can perform a laboratory test upon arrival in Cyprus and the 2ndη after 72 hours of arrival, at your own expense.

From the decision excluded minors aged 12-15 and people aged 16 and over with serious health problems who are not eligible for vaccination.

Pillar 4: Intensification of the information campaign to enlighten the public about vaccinations, with a focus on young people. The purpose of the decision is to provide valid information to the public about the benefits of vaccination, according to scientific data, in order to allay concerns about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

Pillar 5: Tighten controls and supervisionimplementation of protocols and health guidelines. The controls by the Police and the competent Ministries will be intensified in the next period, in order to determine the degree of observance of the decisions and the health protocols, especially in areas of high congestion, where the risk of transmission of the virus is increased.

In addition to the above, the Council of Ministers decided the abolition of the provision of the free program of conduct fast test antigen from 1η August. The decision excludes minors aged 12-15 years and persons 16 years and older with serious health problems who are not entitled to be vaccinated. It is clarified that the program of the Ministry of Health will continue after 1η August, however, in addition to the two excluded population groups, the cost of conducting the tests will be borne by the citizen. It is noted that in parallel with the program of the Ministry of Health, citizens who wish to undergo rapid antigen test, still have the option to perform the test privately in clinical laboratories and pharmacies that meet the criteria of the Ministry of Health (relevant announcements with the list issued regularly). More details on the cost and the procedure to be followed will be issued in the coming days.

Finally, it is noted that the above will be regulated by a Decree to be issued next week.