Murder of Thanasis: It is possible that the moral perpetrators are officers

The criminal investigator, Savvas Matsas, made revelations about the content of the report on the murder of Thanasis Nikolaou

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The criminal investigator, Savvas Matsas, made the front page in revelations about the content of the finding on the murder of Thanasis Nikolaou.

Among other things, he said that "it was the most difficult case to investigate", since "a very cursory, superficial, wrong in every way forensic and police investigation was carried out". He confirmed that important elements of the case have been lost.

He expressed the view that the negligence from the outset in such crucial matters was so serious that it cannot but have been willful. That is, the truth was falsified in many events.

When asked if he has a picture of who the perpetrators might be, he replied that "we have a picture, if not of the perpetrators, of the moral perpetrators, who may also be perpetrators. But no such evidence emerged that it is legally difficult to establish any crime against them". He did not rule out the moral perpetrators being officers.

Asked if he is from the army, he answered positively. Taking the floor, his mother Thanasis said that "he was definitely from the army and the previous events speak for themselves. There are testimonies of bullying."

Mr. Matsas said that what the archimandrite said in his testimony about what Thanasis was going through in the army is terrible. They are unprecedented and awesome. I wonder how it is possible that none of the officers in the camp that we interrogated were aware of it (the bullying). He added that Thanasis was tortured before he died.

"It was decided by the authorities that it was a minor violation," he said.

Adriana Nikolaou wondered "where is the justice since the child's remains are outside the grave and he is waiting for justice. This will only happen when the perpetrators are arrested."