Dr. Abraham Elias: Priests and despots give unfounded medical advice (VIDEO)

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The Director of the Pediatric Clinic of Makareio Hospital, Dr. Abraham Elias, received threats against his life yesterday (8/9), who, speaking on the Front Page, wondered if he was in the 21st century or in the Middle Ages.

Specifically, he said, "One wonders if it is in the 21st century or in the Middle Ages. "We see priests and despots directing the world by giving unfounded medical advice and a bunch of obscurantist theories."

Later, describing yesterday's events and the threats he received, he stated the following: that his child will not get anything after the vaccination ".

Among other things, he told him "if you do not stop, I will come to clean you".

Dr. Elias then explained that at the urging of the president of the Pediatric Society, he reported the incident to the Police, where they located him.

In closing, he stressed that there is absurdity, "people must understand that we are not rivals, our enemy is the coronavirus".

Source: Sigmalive