Dr. Kalakuta: "At the end of December the first vaccines against coronavirus in Cyprus" (VIDEO)

The plan of the medical services for the coronavirus vaccination in Cyprus

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At the end of December, the first vaccines against coronavirus will arrive in Cyprus, as mentioned in the SIGMA show "Protoselido", Dr. Olga Kalakouta, Deputy Director of Medical Services of the Ministry of Health.

As he mentioned, as Cyprus together with the other countries of the European Union, we participate in special procedures to secure the vaccines, so the preparation had started many months ago.

At the same time, he noted, the identification of groups that will be given priority for vaccination is being completed.

As he stressed, we will not have securing all the vaccines at the end of the month, as there are companies that will complete the safety checks earlier than others.

The intention, he said, is to have everything ready so that the start of the vaccination does not take time.

As medical services, he explained, we undertook the distribution of vaccines and from the moment they arrive they will be stored at certain temperatures.

The first vaccine to arrive in Cyprus is that of Pfizer, which must be stored at very low temperatures.

As Ms. Kalakouta explained, suitable refrigerators for storage were provided.

He stressed that there will be a large number of vaccination centers while there is an intention for the operation of mobile units.

Source: Sigmalive