Dr. Koliou: Increase of cases due to carnival - We pass to the endemic phase

"The situation is not worrying because there are no increased hospitalizations"

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At noon and Something was hosted the member of the epidemiological team Dr. Maria Koliou, who spoke about the increase in cases.

He initially said that a recommendation would be made for vaccination of those over 70, but also for the immunocompromised.

He added that there is an outbreak of cases and it is due to the carnivals. "This is evidenced by the increase in cases in Limassol."

He stressed that the situation is not worrying because there are no increased hospitalizations.

He noted that the recommendations are now more relevant to symptomatic patients. "We are leaving the pandemic phase and entering the endemic one."
Then Dr. Koliou said that Omicron 2 accounts for 60% of the country's cases. "It seems to have started to prevail, but it is not worrying." He added that it is even more contagious than Omicron.

Finally, he spoke about the increase of cases in China, emphasizing that they followed their own tactics. "It seems he is still worried about the new cases."

Finally, he said that Europe is no longer dealing with a small number of cases. "Things will change in a few weeks, as long as no new mutation appears."

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