Dr. Pana: There is no question of mandatory rapid tests on vaccinated (VIDEO)

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A decrease is observed in the cases of the last days in Cyprus, with the vaccination coverage of the country slowly increasing reaching 80% of the adult population.

Speaking on the front page, Dr. Zoe Dorothea Pana stated that we have indeed achieved a recession and this is very important because we are entering autumn and winter.

"The aim is to keep the community open despite the mobility because we expect to have a deterioration in the near future," said Dr. Pana.

Asked how the coronavirus would develop next, she said, "The fact that we have not been able to achieve high levels of immunity, especially in the third world, makes it difficult for the coronavirus to become endemic. It is very difficult to make predictions about the coronavirus. No scientist can say when we will be endemic.

Winter will be a bit difficult to manage not only due to coronavirus but also due to flu. We must learn to live safely with the coronavirus, we must continue our lives with coherence and responsibility ".

He went on to talk about the need for mandatory rapid tests on vaccinated people, explaining that this issue is not raised at the moment, "the documentation at the moment globally says that the vaccinated person not only protects himself but also the risk of spread is reduced."

Source: Sigmalive