Dr. Voniatis: Vaccine is not associated with sudden deaths (BINTEO)

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The vaccine against COVID19 is not associated with sudden deaths, as clarified by Epidemiologist Michalis Voniatis, speaking on SIGMA's show "Mesimeri kai Kati".

As he characteristically stated, "we have no such case in the world. There is no such issue. For sudden death to occur, we must have an anaphylactic reaction so rapid that one does not have time to deal with it. But we did not have such an incident. "

Speaking about the post-covid patients, who while being negative still face problems, Mr. Voniatis said that he is concerned about their increased number while noting that based on the total number of cases, about 5.000 will have a chronic problem.

"From physical health problems to psychological ones," he said.

Regarding vaccinations, he noted that the total percentage of vaccinated in Cyprus (young and old), amounts to 61%, noting that it is still very low.

"No one has yet fully determined the percentage of vaccination required for herd immunity, the Delta mutation has brought it upside down," he said.