Dr. Voniatis: On the verge of a fourth wave - Measures may need to be taken (BINTEO)

"There is an increase in cases and if we exceed 200 then we will be on the verge of a fourth wave"

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At noon and something the epidemiologist Dr. was hosted. Michalis Voniatis, who spoke about the increase of cases but also about the Indian mutation.

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He initially said that those who have not been vaccinated should be concerned. "There is an increase in cases and if we exceed 200 then we will be on the verge of a fourth wave." He added that if these numbers continue then "we will not have the summer we want and measures may need to be taken".

He explained that if the cases start again, the relaxations we know may not apply soon. He explained that there may be effects on the epidemiological picture of the country abroad and the arrival of tourists.

He also explained that the Indian mutation infects those who have not been vaccinated, adding that the country has not been able to eliminate its cases like last year.

He then spoke about young people who do not go to be vaccinated, noting that there is an impression that the pandemic has disappeared. "There is complete relaxation, the measures are not observed and they consider that with a rapid test everything is fine." He added that there will be a setback if 80% of the population is not vaccinated with both doses.

He then commented on the descent of Russian tourists, the same that Russia is in the clutches of the Indian mutation. "We should have stricter standards for vaccinated people as well."

Finally, Dr. Voniatis said that it is difficult to collect cases in double digits, as it is not allowed by the vaccination coverage of the country.

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Source: Sigmalive