Dramatic letter from a mother - who is suffering from cancer - about asphalt

It clearly highlights the delay observed in the relocation of asphalt plants from the area.

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A dramatic, open letter of protest, addressed to the President of the Republic, the Attorney General, the Council of Ministers and Mayors, sent a mother of the Parish of Saints Constantine and Helen to Dali, emphatically emphasizing the delay in the relocation of workers from the area. .


In the letter, sent on the eve of World Human Rights Day, the mother - who is suffering from cancer - complains that all those involved have sentenced the parishioners to a slow death because of their inability to contribute to the immediate solution of the problem.

The letter as it is

"Without any introduction and without any report, it is already known to everyone that a portion of the population has been condemned to suffer, get sick and die due to your inability to contribute to an immediate solution to the issue of asphalt.

We observe that so much thorough and endless study is being done for the new installation sites - and it is very rightly done - but no one has forced these asphalt production units to stop as long as all this effort is done.

But is it possible that none of you and even worse all together can impose any interest and defend our legal right to life and health?

Do you think that you have effectively defended us, Mr. Prosecutor? We see that they work more than ever, we are drowning more than ever and you do not seem to have won.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are the only voice of knowledge and compliance. You highlighted the problem. You try and we appreciate it. Can't you request that the work of these units be suspended until any procedures and site searches are completed?

Mr. President of the Republic, we inform you that whenever you are abroad, the issue of asphalt is reopened, discussed and, unfortunately, it goes backwards every time. Did you notice? We sadly inform you that your decisions are not being implemented and this hurts democracy and makes us sick.

Mr Nouri and Mr Caruso, it is possible that the state is trying to protect citizens from the misplacement of asphalt and public works contracts with the state as the sole purchaser. Are they development contracts?

Death contracts are proven for us.

And many mothers succumbed to them. And the writer is sick with the incurable disease. But the contracts are contracts.

Mr. Police Director of Nicosia, you have the largest file with citizens' testimonies signed. Is it possible that they can not justify our charge?

Mr. Mayor of Geri and Tseri, you are hosting potentially deadly units that are incorrectly located in residential areas of your neighboring municipalities. Did you give up trying? Are you waiting for the State? Do you magically wait for the units to close or move?

Industrialists, in recent years your industries have been discussed more than ever. You did not stop for a day. Wait for the paperwork, which the longer it takes, the more convenient it is. It is a long time of our burden. And today to leave you have already caused us great damage. We are not only concerned with whether the smooth operation is legal or not, but whether it is ETHICAL to continue it. Ask your families, your children.

I do not thank anyone in advance.

So it cools down without courtesy.

"Thank you for paying for my mistake and dying late with my children."

Mother Kristi Zefki