She lost her daughter and is trying to save her son - The appeal of a Cypriot mother (VIDEO)

Vryonis's mother appealed to save her child on the show Front Page


Vryonis's mother appealed to save her child on the show Protoselido. The 30-year-old Vryonis was born with a very rare disease, the large head, while he suffers from lipomas that he removes, as a result of which he enters and leaves the hospitals.

Mrs. Hariklia Pavlou, speaking on the show, stated that since the time Vryonis was born, there have been problems. But in 2009 I also lost my 23-year-old daughter to a doctor's mistake. He explained that "Since Galatia left, Vryonakis has been getting liposuction all over his body. We went to England and we were told it was stressful. They take it away from him but when we return to Cyprus they return, it fills his body again. We can go twice a year because the lipomas should not stay in his body ".

He noted that the costs of the removal were first paid by the State, but now refers them to doctors in Cyprus. However, Mrs. Hariklia does not trust them, due to the mistake that led to the death of her daughter. "This baby who has so many problems, how will they save me," he said characteristically.

That is why she is appealing for financial support so that she can travel to Britain with her son to have her liposuction removed.

Those who wish to financially support Vryonis, can contact Ms. Pavlou at 97- 652763. The bank account at Hellenic Bank is: CY98 0050 0283 0002 8310 C314 4001

Source: Sigmalive