Woman with aortic aneurysm kicked out of private hospital

"These practices are unacceptable," said Health Minister Michalis Hatzipandelas

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Two serious incidents in two private hospitals caused the strong reaction of the Minister of Health, Michalis Hatzipantela, who sent a relevant letter to the OAU.

The incidents brought to the public by the newspaper "Phileleleftheros" concern in the first case a woman with an aortic aneurysm who went on Christmas Eve to a private hospital of the NHS where she was referred to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Nicosia Hospital, while the second case concerns , a woman with a serious gastrointestinal problem who went to another private hospital and was told to go to another hospital because the doctors were away on leave.

At the same time, the recent spike in infections is causing problems in the Accident and Emergency Departments, with delays in patient examinations as well as admissions and long waiting times.