Three patients kicked out of hospitals – “They are not profitable incidents”

They kicked out three patients from hospitals

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Three patients were expelled from the hospitals in the previous days.

As the Communications Adviser to the Minister of Health, Konstantinos Athanasiou, reported to Mesimeri and Kati, these are incidents that reach the Minister after personal communication. "The two other incidents concern two hospitals that are within the NHS and a letter was sent to the OAU".

He pointed out that these are incidents that the OAU should crack down on to ensure the smooth operation of the health system.

He noted that there are cases of personal physicians who do not pay the necessary attention and simply give instructions as the patient goes to first aid.

The President of OSAK Marios Kouloumas was also hosted on the show, emphasizing that two patients, one with an aortic aneurysm and the other with gastrointestinal problems, were expelled. He noted that these are phenomena that occur frequently and have been reported repeatedly.

He also said that patients who are not "profitable" cases, the elderly as well as other cases are expelled from private hospitals and referred to state ones.

The intervention of the Minister of Health to the Health Insurance Organization (OHI) regarding the incidents with the two women was very correct, said Mr. Kouloumas, who emphasized that Mr. Hatzipantela is determined to solve the problem.

The OAU also has responsibilities, he noted, which should take measures.