Anastasiadis gave answers about the trips to the Seychelles

The MPs of the parties, outside DISY, stated that they were not convinced by the answers and even raised criminal charges.

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Today, the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, gave written answers to the questions asked by the deputies of the Parliamentary Audit Committee in relation to his private trips abroad. For their part, the MPs of the parties, apart from DISY, stated that they were not convinced by the answers and even raised criminal charges.

The Director of the Office of President Anastasiadis, Petros Dimitriou, read the four-page letter with the answers during today's session, while he also responded to additional answers raised by the deputies.

Initially, President Anastasiadis noted in the letter that while the Commission has an inalienable constitutional right to control and monitor, it is out of parliamentary practice for the Commission to become a court to intervene in the private or private life of a government official and his family. with the aim of broadcasting them.

In his replies, President Anastasiadis said that the first trip to the Seychelles took place between 3 and 13 August 2015 at the expense of himself and his family, and the second in August 2018. Both trips were made purely for holiday purposes and the transition carried out by aircraft owned or operated by Jet Steam Aviation.

The President also states that he did not hide any trip and that before the Kalogirou committee he had answered a question whether he had traveled by a Saudi plane. "Using it for free. This happened in 2018. In 2015 there was a trip to the Seychelles, own outings ... ". The President then said that the cost of the trip in 2015 was proportional to the charter cost charges offered to date to the state. He added that due to the low or very low prices in aircraft charters, there is no issue of squandering public money.

The President notes that he did not disclose in his statement on 13 February 2020 that he was traveling to the Seychelles for the second time as the only topic of discussion was his free travel in August 2, and because the trip in 2018 was well known it was not free, but at the expense of himself and his family.

Regarding allegations that the naturalization of Saudi Arabia's second wife was favorable, President Anastasiadis referred to his affidavit before the Commission of Inquiry that his friendly relations with Saudi Arabia did not in any way influence the decision to naturalize him and his family.

He stressed that not only was there no favor to the Saudi investor, but on the contrary, due to their friendly relationship, money was saved for the benefit of the state. Finally, when asked if he had any connection with a business or financial institution or organization in the Seychelles, either himself or members of his family, President Anastasiadis stated categorically that he had never had or had any connection.

The Director of the Office of the President of the Republic in his statements after the end of the session, said that President Anastasiadis has clearly and in writing answered all the questions that fall within the competences of the Audit Committee, despite the fact that he has answered similar questions before the oath and before the research committee.

Mr. Dimitriou said that he considers that after what the President has mentioned in his answers, the insistence on focusing the discussion on issues that clearly concern the private life of himself and his family, serve nothing but political expediencies aimed at the broadcasting of his morals, honesty and integrity. "Therefore there is no intention to continue, participating in what the party expediencies serve," he said.

In statements after the Commission, the President of Zacharias Koulias said that what should have been sent and not sent by the President of the Republic, is the proof of the plane fares.

Commenting on a report on a friendly gesture by Saudi Arabia, Mr. Koulias said that this is judged politically and when you are President of the Republic the friendly relationship can be judged differently. This trip, noted Mr. Koulias, had been published since 2015, adding that the issue is whether it was paid or not.

DISY MP Annita Dimitriou said that President Anastasiadis answered all the questions that have been put before him. "From there on I will be content with the following: Do not convince me even with conviction, that is, some people will never be convinced because they do not want to be convinced," he said.

He added that in the issues of naturalizations, the process is underway by the independent authority, to which the President of the Republic also testified. "We will support and await the completion of the process. "We have to abandon auctions, populism and toxicity, and we have to work together and come together for everything that needs to be done," he said.

In her statements, AKEL MP Irini Charalambidou said that the admission that the private plane of Saudi Arabia was used for the first time was made after the pressure of the Audit Committee and reminded that in the last session they were asked directly if the plane was used for the first time, with the answer is no.

Ms. Charalambidou said that the answers that came to the Committee were not complete because it matters how much was paid for the plane, noting that the code of conduct passed by the Parliament does not allow MPs to be treated graciously by businessmen who have interests from the Parliament or by bills. How much more, he added, a businessman who, according to Kalogirou's finding, also received free passports of the Republic of Cyprus. "One thing we can talk about, very low flights, dangerous for the Republic of Cyprus, of the Anastasiadis Government," he said.

The President of DIKO, Nikolas Papadopoulos, said that unfortunately what they found out today in the Audit Committee is that "the hiding place continues". The President of the Republic, he said, refused to tell the whole truth about the service he received from the Saudi investor. He added that President Anastasiadis refused to give the Commission the evidence from the payment of the plane.

"The President of the Republic was explicitly summoned several days ago to answer and clarify to the Audit Committee whether the private plane, which today he admitted for the first time that he used to go to the Seychelles in 2015, had been given to him either for free ", or on favorable terms", said Mr. Papadopoulos, noting that issues of ethics, political order arise from both scenarios.

As he said, if the plane was given at a low price, as stated by the President, then a major political issue arises for the possibility of providing compensation for serving Saudi Arabia, as emerged a few days after the granting of citizenship to his second wife, which was illegal. . He also said that there is a violation of the Code of Ethics by the President.

Mr. Papadopoulos said that if this plane was given to President Anastasiadis and his family for free, then the criminal offense of forgery before the Nikolatos investigative committee may arise. "We call once again on the President of the Republic to stop hiding, to tell the truth, to present the evidence of the payment of the plane if it exists, and if it does not exist and he has lied, to apologize to the Cypriot people," he said.

The Member of Parliament for Ecologists, George Perdikis, expressed his regret that apart from the criticisms against the Members of Parliament who "dared to challenge the innocent and blameless President of the Republic", they did not receive satisfactory answers to most of the questions. "The president remains exposed," he said.