PTT thanks to epidemiologists for pandemic management - When to hope for economic opening

"The most important thing is that Cyprus is presented, the second country with a reduced mortality rate in the whole of Europe"

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The President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis, expressed his gratitude to the members of the Scientific Advisory Group for their contribution to the successful management of the pandemic during a meeting he had with them at the Presidential Palace on the occasion of World Day. Health.

Addressing the members of the advisory group, the President of the Republic said that "today is World Health Day, so I felt the need to start with those who through their advice, through their science have allowed us to deal with so far, with complete success, pandemic management.

I would like to express my thanks, but also the gratitude of the state to all of you, because through the balanced approaches, your calm attitude, the thorough expression of views on the inappropriateness of the measures to be taken, the Republic of Cyprus has managed to take the praise of the international and European community for pandemic management.

And this is not accidental, since our small homeland, with the minimum measures both in duration and intensity, in relation to other countries, either in Europe or elsewhere, manages to appear with indicators that can make us all proud, if one considers that both with the vaccination program - to the extent that the pharmaceutical companies allow us, but it is fully utilized - and with the examinations, but most importantly, Cyprus is presented, a second country with a reduced mortality rate in the whole of Europe.

I believe this is a great achievement that was made possible as a result of the excellent cooperation we had, but also of your scientific contributions that were the guiding factor in government decision-making.

I believe that together, state and scientists, we have set a course and I hope to be in a position towards the end of Spring, to be able - if there are no surprises on the part of pharmaceutical companies - to be able to open the economy, ensuring the highest is the health and life of our fellow human beings, the health system, but also the rescue of the economy.

These are perhaps the few things I could say, so please accept once again my grateful thanks to all of you, because what was accomplished is due to your own primarily scientific advice and contribution ".