Nightmare forecast for Cyprus: Climate change will "disappear" Akrotiri and Larnaca

Residents of coastal areas of Cyprus will be forced to migrate inland due to the effects of climate change.

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Climate change in the region of Cyprus is expected to be felt in the middle of the present century, said the director of the Meteorological Service Kleanthis Nikolaidis, emphasizing that if the ominous scenario prevails, there will be a rise in sea level.

The residents will leave

He noted that low-altitude areas such as Akrotiri and Larnaca will be affected. "The infrastructure of the areas will be affected and the residents will be forced to go somewhere else," he said, speaking to sigmalive.

At the same time, he explained that this will be an internal migration flow in case the extreme scenarios of climate change prevail in Cyprus.

"Rising sea levels, the effect of winds on sea level and rising temperatures are a real danger," he said.

Mr. Nikolaidis said that if we have tropical temperatures during the night with over 30 degrees Celsius and daytime temperatures in Egypt, then the situation will be very ominous in energy consumption and climate management.

He clarified that the climate of Cyprus shows that the temperature trend is increasing inland, on the coast and in the mountains.

Special άρ March

He also said that this March will be recorded as a special month as its temperatures were lower than the normal temperatures of the winter months.

"By the end of the month we will see temperatures above normal. "In 10 days we have winter and summer," he noted.

He also said that climate change was beginning to shape a completely different geopolitical map in the northern hemisphere.

The huge volumes of ice that exist in the northern icy ocean are melting, as a result of which the commercial itineraries at sea become more profitable.

"A different field is being formed with many countries trying to take advantage of the region and world trade," said Mr. Nikolaidis.