Cyprus's expenditure on asylum seekers reached € 39 million

Of these, the largest amount is spent on immigrants' personal expenses, food vouchers, hotels and reception facilities.

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The sums spent by Cyprus on asylum seekers last year have skyrocketed, while European aid has also increased, due to the state of emergency in which the country finds itself. According to data obtained from official sources, from 1/1/2021 until 21/11/2021 a total of € 36.494.943 was spent, an amount that is estimated to have exceeded 39 million by the end of the year. Of these, the largest amount is spent on immigrants' personal expenses, food vouchers, hotels and reception facilities. Specifically, for the accommodation services of asylum seekers, more than € 34 million were spent last year, while for the salaries of 42 foreign officials who consider applications of applicants or assist in the procedures, another one million was spent. Alongside:

► For the state framework of unaccompanied girls in Larnaca, € 317.121 were spent on salaries and for the Limassol framework, € 352.548 in salaries.

► As a sponsorship for Hope for Children was given, according to the data, in 2021 an amount of € 494.000 and another € 433.500 for boarding schools. In the same organization: sponsorship of € 80.000 for semi-independent living in Nicosia and Larnaca and other € 56.316 as boarding schools. For boarding schools for unaccompanied boys in Nicosia, another € 72.280. Another € 300.000 as a sponsorship in a structure for the semi-independent living of vulnerable immigrants.

► An amount of € 500.000 was spent on boarding schools for unaccompanied minors living with relatives or foster families. It is noted that the amount spent on salaries of 42 European officials assisting asylum and reaching one million, is included in the EU co-financed program.

At the same time, the amounts allocated to the Republic of Cyprus (Community funding) in the framework of the Internal Affairs Funds, namely the Asylum, Integration and Return Fund, the Police Cooperation Fund and the Border and Visa Fund, were increased. Specifically, from 2014 until 2020, the Republic of Cyprus received almost € 108 million. In particular, for issues of asylum, integration and return of migrants he received € 39 million, for border guards another € 58.5 million and for issues of policing and cooperation another € 9 million.

For emergency projects due to increased flows, another € 10,2 million was given in the same period, which includes an amount for the First Reception Center in Pournara.