He was in possession of drugs, knives – He became enraged and threatened a police officer

Arrest of a 35-year-old man

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A 35-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday in Aradippou to facilitate the Police's investigations regarding an investigated case involving, among other things, the illegal supply and possession of drugs, carrying a knife and assaulting a police officer.

According to the Police, ten minutes after midnight, members of the Larnaca Police Department (ADE) while on motorized patrol, spotted a car stopped on the road and a person trying to start it. The members of the ADE approached the man, aged 35, who as soon as he realized the presence of the policemen began to behave anxiously.

The policemen proceeded to physically check the 35-year-old, while they also conducted a search of his car. During the physical check, two knives were found in his possession, one folding that turns into a fixed blade 5,5 cm long and the second opening with an 8 cm blade, cannabis plant material weighing 0,45 grams and crystal methamphetamine weighing 0,1 grams .

The 35-year-old was arrested, however immediately afterwards he allegedly became enraged and started threatening and attacking the members of the ADE, resisting during the arrest.

In particular, the man attacked a police officer, hitting him in the face and in various parts of his body, as a result of which he suffered minor injuries, i.e. abrasions, cuts and bruises to his upper and lower limbs. Finally, the 35-year-old was restrained and together with the policeman were taken to the TAEP of the Larnaca General Hospital where, after being given first aid, they were discharged.

The man was then taken to the offices of the Larnaca Police Department where, being interrogated, he admitted in writing the commission of the offenses under investigation regarding the narcotic substances found in his possession.

The 35-year-old is being investigated for unlawful supply of a Class A and B controlled drug by another person, unlawful possession of a Class A and B controlled drug, carrying a knife, assaulting a police officer, resisting lawful arrest, threatening violence and causing concern.

The man was questioned and released to appear in court at a later stage.

The case is being investigated by the Larnaca District Unit of the YCAN and the Aradippou Police Station.1

Source: KYPE