Images of chaos in Pournara: 8 arrests and many injured from the incidents

Wild clashes between immigrants with iron fists, stones and wood - Strong police forces intervened

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Eight people were arrested yesterday by members of the Police, during the suppression of incidents that broke out at KEPY Pournara, in Kokkinotrimithia.

The incidents broke out around 5.45pm. yesterday, when groups of people living in the hospitality area, clashed with each other, using crowbars, stones and wood. To quell the incidents, police reinforcements from the Nicosia Police Department were sent to the scene.

After the intervention of the Police, order was restored, while the Police proceeded to arrest eight young people, who appear to have participated in the incident, to facilitate investigations.

Workers at KEPY Pournara were slightly injured in the incidents. Also, ten residents of the hospitality center were transferred to Nicosia General Hospital for treatment. After receiving first aid they were discharged and returned to their accommodation.

The Kokkinotrimithia Police Station is investigating the case.

Source: Cyprus Police / Image File