The 10 hooded men broke into their house due to previous disputes

Hooded men entered a house and assaulted the occupants

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The ten hooded men in Limassol broke into their house due to previous disputes.

According to police sources, these are foreigners who live in Limassol and were attacked by ten people in retaliation for a misunderstanding created in their workplace.

The unknown intruders assaulted the two occupants and caused damage before leaving the scene.

According to the TAE Limassol, it was around 23:30 when about ten people, wearing hoods and holding sticks and roofs, entered the house, located in Mesa Geitonia and attacked the two brothers, injuring them slightly.

Subsequently, they broke windows of the house, as well as of a car parked next to the house and left with three vehicles.

Members of the TAE Limassol and the Minor Violations Department visited the scene for examinations, while the two injured were taken to the Limassol General Hospital, however they refused to be examined and left.