He withdrew 9.500 euros with a deceased person's card

A 59-year-old woman is wanted

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A case of extorting money with false representations is being investigated by the TAE Paphos against a 59-year-old woman.

According to the Representative of ADE Paphos and Head of TAE Paphos, Michalis Nikolaou, it was reported on Thursday by a lawyer, who is the administrator of the property of a person who died last April, at the age of 77, that between the dates of April 12 and June 6 it appears that the deceased's card was used at an ATM and a sum of 9.500 euros was withdrawn.

From further examinations, testimony was obtained against a 59-year-old, permanent resident of Paphos, who is wanted.

The examinations are continued by the Paphos Crime Detection Department.