Equality protest event for low paid police officers on Friday

Equality protest event for low paid police officers

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The Presidium and Supreme Council of the Division of the Police Force EQUALITY, unanimously decided in its extraordinary session, on Tuesday, a symbolic protest event on Friday 23/9/22 at 11:00, outside the Ministry of Justice for the upgrade of the salaries of 4000 low-paid Police Officers , who for years lost 30% of their salary.

In an announcement from the industry, it is stated that a written memorandum will be delivered to the Minister of Justice and they call on all the Police officers who will be off duty, to participate with their families, and those who want to strengthen this effort.

At the same time, all trade unions are invited to attend, reinforcing the feeling of injustice for the employees of the Security Corps of the Republic of Cyprus.

"The candidates of the Presidential Elections, the parliamentary parties and the State, know in every detail that it must be done to correct the distortion at the expense of 4.000 low-wage earners and their thousands of families," it states.