EVEA appeal for support of tourism businesses of Famagusta Province

"Strong concerns about the impact on the tourism industry of the Free Province of Famagusta, from the tragic developments in Ukraine"

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The Famagusta Chamber of Commerce and Industry addresses an appeal to the Government to support the tourism businesses of the free province of Famagusta from the consequences that the Russian invasion of Ukraine will have on the tourism industry, since the region depends on the arrival of tourists from the two specific countries. EVEA).

A written statement from the Chamber expresses "strong concern about the impact on the tourism industry of the Free Province of Famagusta of the tragic developments in Ukraine. "The viability and development of this region depends almost exclusively on the course of tourism, and unfortunately the war in Ukraine will create obstacles for the arrival of tourists from the two countries involved."

He adds that "the magnitude of the problem is easily understood if one considers that tourists from the Russian and Ukrainian markets visiting the free region of Famagusta represent about 40-50% of the total tourist flow in the region. "Given the pandemic of the last two years, tourism businesses in the region have been hit hard. There are doubts as to whether they will withstand a new blow from the war in Ukraine."

EVEA "asks the Government to support in all the ways offered the tourist and other businesses of the free area of ​​Famagusta, because it is impossible to cope with the new data. "If businesses in the area are left without state support, then many will not be operational this summer and others will be closed forever."

The Chamber also calls on "the Undersecretary of Tourism to move in time to other tourism markets, such as Britain, France, Germany and the Nordic countries, in order to make up for any losses incurred by Russia and Ukraine."

In its announcement, EVEA also expresses "great concern for the issue of Famagusta. "The Turkish side is already trying to capitalize on the arguments with which Russia has invaded Ukraine, so that the national issue and consequently the issue of Famagusta are entering new dangerous paths."

The Chamber "calls on the Government and the parties to launch a wide-ranging diplomatic campaign in all countries, seeking their support on the national issue." "Under no circumstances should Turkey be allowed to use Russia's arguments to protect its compatriots."

On the contrary, the EVEA announcement concludes "we must promote the illegal and condemnable nature of the invasion, combining it with the provocations and illegal actions of Turkey in Cyprus and especially in Famagusta."