The polls are closed – The electoral process went smoothly

At 66,7% participation until 17:00 - After 20:00 the first results

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As usual, the polls for the 18.00 Presidential Elections closed at 2023 in all the polling centers in Cyprus and abroad, as announced by the Chief Electoral Officer Konstas Constantinou.

The General Commissioner of Elections Dr. Kostas Constantinou, in the context of his statement on the turnout of voters until 5 pm, answered journalists' questions.

In response to a journalist's question about what happens if there are still people outside polling stations at 6 p.m. when the polls close, the Chief Electoral Officer reiterated that in order for an extension to be granted there must be a cumulative turnout of voters outside a specific polling station. "In this case, an extension will be given only to the specific polling station and at the same time instructions will be given so that all other polling stations will be closed", he clarified. The polls will remain closed until the end of the voting and in the center where the extension will be given, added Dr. Constantinou.

He clarified that in the event that there are voters outside a polling station at 6 p.m., "the presiding officers' instructions are to ask these voters to enter the polling station, which will then close at 6 p.m. . the door, to give them time to vote and in this case the extension will not apply".

The Registrar General explained that "extension is a complicated process and will only be valid if there is a significant turnout of voters".

And he called on the people who intend to go to vote, to do so in time, so as not to suffer. He clarified that the instructions given to the presiding officers are "if there are people outside the polling station at 6 p.m. is to facilitate them, to enable them to enter the polling station to vote, and at 6 p.m. the door will be closed and voting will follow for those who will be inside the polling station, so that everyone can exercise their right to vote".