They stole credit cards, withdrew money and hid it in a freezer

He even had credit cards hidden in the freezer

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As part of the investigation of the above offences, the Police proceeded yesterday on the basis of court warrants to arrest two persons.

It is a man and a woman, aged 24, who were taken into custody to facilitate investigations.

After the arrest of the above persons, information was received at the TAE of Larnaca, that unknown persons made multiple withdrawals of money from automatic teller machines of a commercial bank.

The members of the Police identified the 24-year-old man yesterday morning outside a branch of a commercial bank in Larnaca, who was physically searched.

During the investigation, 74 credit cards and the sum of 8,940 euros were found in his possession.

Also, in a subsequent search of his home, which was done in the presence of the 24-year-old, 649 credit cards from various banks, the sum of 3,470 euros as well as other evidence were found and seized as evidence.

The amount of money was found in the freezer of the refrigerator, while the credit cards were hidden in various parts of the house, such as behind wall frames under tables and chairs, shoes, etc.

The two individuals were initially arrested for outright offenses and subsequently re-arrested on warrants.

TAE Larnaca continues the exams.