Bomb explosion in a vehicle: "I have no differences with anyone," says the 24-year-old

An improvised explosive device exploded under a car causing extensive damage to the vehicle

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An improvised explosive device exploded under a car in Skarinos, Larnaca province, resulting in extensive damage to the vehicle.

As Haris Hatzigiasemi, spokesman for the Larnaca Police Directorate, told KYPE "around 02.45 in the morning of Wednesday, January 18, information was received about an explosion in the Skarino Community of the Larnaca district".

"Members of the Police rushed to the scene and from investigations it was found that an improvised explosive device like a water pipe exploded, which was placed under a car, which was parked in the garage of its owner's house," he said.

He added that "the scene was cordoned off and the investigations revealed that the explosion caused extensive damage to the car. The 24-year-old owner of the vehicle reported to the Police that he has no differences with anyone."

The scene, he continued, "was cordoned off and guarded by the Police until the completion of the examinations by the pyrotechnicians".

Mr. Hadjiyasemi also stated that the Police "started taking statements in order to determine the motives of the unknown assailants who placed the improvised explosive device under the car."

The Kofinou Regional Police Station is investigating the case.