Urgent announcement of the Cyprus Pediatric Society: Vaccinations for infants and toddlers begin immediately


The Board of Directors of the Cyprus Pediatric Society (PEK) informs that today it sent to the members of the company an update of the recommendations for immediate implementation that it had issued on March 26, 2020 and which concern both the operation of primary care clinics and the management of incidents. will face in the near future.

These recommendations are in line with the assessment of the current pandemic situation COVID-19, international and local prevention and protection directives to prevent further spread of the disease as well as the decisions recently announced by the Cypriot Government.

According to the recommendations of the Pediatric Society:

1. For the period up to 30 April 2020 and taking into account the decrees of the Minister of Health dated 8 and 10 April 2020, visits for non-acute cases will continue to be postponed. All other visits should be arranged after telephone contact with the doctor or his secretarial staff.

2. Pediatricians are urged to immediately resume vaccinations of infants and toddlers up to the age of two, giving priority to children who have been delayed in basic vaccinations, as well as children of any age with a significant delay in receiving any vaccine included in the basic regimen.

3. During the telephone request procedure for an appointment at the doctor's office, the child's history will be investigated through a simple questionnaire that will be addressed by either the pediatrician or the secretariat staff, in order to determine the necessity of going to the doctor's office. Particular emphasis will be placed on the history of possible contact with a disease case COVID-19 as well as in the reporting of symptoms of respiratory infection. Parents are therefore urged not to go to the doctor's office without prior notice and without being given a specific appointment.

4. In the event of a suspected case of coronavirus infection, clear instructions will be given on how to deal with it further, in accordance with the decisions recently taken by the Ministry of Health. Under no circumstances should parents contact public health clinics directly, as access is only possible by appointment with a personal physician.

5. In the waiting areas and in the examination rooms of the doctor's offices, the coloring will be carefully avoided and the hygiene rules will be meticulously observed. In any case, it is recommended to avoid accompanying a child to the doctor's office by more than one person and to faithfully follow the instructions that will be given when arranging the appointment regarding the time and manner of arrival.

6. Each child over the age of two as well as his / her companion will enter the premises of the doctor's office wearing a protective face mask which they will keep until they leave.

7. Assessing all international recommendations and current scientific data, we strongly recommend the universal use of a face mask (not a mask of high respiratory protection) when traveling outside the house that will lead to contact with other people (especially in crowded places), with the exception of children under 2 years (for safety reasons and to avoid drowning episodes). The masks should be applied in such a way that they completely cover the mouth and nose, not to be touched when they are placed on the face, to be placed and removed after the hands have been thoroughly washed and during their removal not to touch their front part. . It is also recommended to keep a distance of at least 2 meters from other people in any case of contact.

We reiterate the need for strict compliance with the guidelines and discipline that we must all demonstrate as the highest expression of responsibility and solidarity. Observance of basic hygiene rules at home such as careful cleaning of hands and surfaces, adequate ventilation, the use of antiseptic solutions and avoidance of close contact and congestion are vital.

Together we can and will succeed…

Happy Easter to everyone…

From the Board of Directors of PEK