Extraordinary announcement of the Cyprus Pediatric Society for COVID-19

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The Cyprus Pediatric Society (PEK), in the midst of the unprecedented situation we are facing with the pandemic COVID-19 and possessed by the sense of responsibility that bears as an active leader in the effort to control the spread of the disease ", issued a statement to its members with recommendations.

Read the announcement as it is:

The Board of Directors of our Company, fully complying with local and international decisions and instructions of the competent health agencies (Ministry of Health of Cyprus, Pancyprian Medical Association, World Health Organization - WHO, European Center for Disease Prevention and Control - European Pediatrics - ECD - AECD decided today to send to its members recommendations for immediate implementation, concerning both the operation of primary care clinics and the management of cases they will face in the near future.

According to these recommendations:

  1. Visits for non-acute cases and routine visits, for example for vaccines, are either completely postponed (preferably) or will be arranged with strict care and if necessary for special reasons, at a completely different time, eg in the morning (9-12am).
  2. During the telephone request process for an appointment at the doctor's office, the child's history will be investigated through a simple questionnaire that will be addressed either by the pediatrician or the secretariat staff. This will allow you to go to the doctor's office. Parents are therefore encouraged not to go to the doctor's office without first informing them and without giving them a specific appointment.

    In case of a suspected case of coronavirus infection, clear instructions will be given regarding its further treatment, in accordance with the decisions issued by the Ministry of Health.

  3. Co-ordination in the waiting areas of the doctor's offices will be carefully avoided and the hygiene rules will be meticulously observed. In any case, it is recommended that the child be escorted to the doctor's office in addition to one person.

The responsibility for dealing with this difficult situation is collective and requires understanding and compliance from all of us. The highest priority is to protect our children and vulnerable groups through demonstration of a spirit of responsibility and solidarity. We therefore emphasize the importance of self-restraint and the avoidance of unnecessary travel and staying in crowded places. We also remind you of the importance of following basic hygiene rules at home, such as thorough cleaning of hands and surfaces, adequate ventilation, the use of antiseptic solutions and the avoidance of close contact and congestion.

Your pediatrician will always be at your disposal to provide all the necessary information and instructions, with the sole purpose of preserving the precious good of health for our children and all citizens.

Source: Sigmalive