Extraordinary meeting of CERA on the measures - Possible power outages

An extraordinary meeting of the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority has been ongoing since this morning

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An emergency meeting of the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) is underway since this morning to examine the situation that is expected to arise after the decision of the Electricity Authority trade unions not to put into operation next Wednesday, December 14, the six steam electric units of Power Plant of Decelia with the risk of power outages in the event of an increase in electricity demand.

It is expected that after the meeting, CERA will issue a statement on the decisions taken.

In their letter to the General Manager of the EAC, the trade unions EPOPAI, SIDIKEK-AEK, SEPAIK and SYVAIK state that the six steam electric units of the Dekelia Power Plant are operating illegally and contribute to increasing costs and the creation of profiteering phenomena and therefore the staff are not will engage in any such activity.

They also state that the personnel for construction, operation and maintenance work will work with properly structured and completed crews, under the necessary supervision and supervision and no member of the staff will perform duties, which are not provided for in the Service Plan of the position he holds.

Source: KYPE