EMERGENCY: A corpse was found in Ormidia-A helicopter was recruited to retrieve it

The frontman of The Prodigy Keith Flint has died

His love for the sea was to be fatal, for a pensioner, to whom belongs the body that was found at noon in the sea area of ​​Luma, in Ormidia.

According to information, the 79-year-old had gone to the area for swimming, defying the bad weather.

Around one and ten, a passer-by leading from Ormidia to Dhekelia, noticed a corpse floating in the sea, immediately signaling an alarm to the Police.

Members of the British Bases rushed to the spot, as well as a Coast Guard boat, which, however, could not approach due to sea turbulence.

Therefore, a helicopter of the Bases was called to the scene, which lifted the body, which was then transported to the General Hospital of Nicosia, where the doctors on duty determined his death.

Examinations revealed that the body belonged to an 80-year-old Greek Cypriot, a permanent resident abroad, who was in Cyprus with his wife on vacation, while they would be leaving the island tomorrow.

The exact causes of his death will be ascertained during the legal autopsy on his body, which will be performed by a medical examiner who will arrive in Cyprus from Greece.

Source: Reporter