The price of the 8 kg of drugs found in Cyprus "rocketed" to €500 million

"After the tests, these drugs will be destroyed"

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YCAN's press representative, Stelios Sergidis, spoke to Mesimeri and Kati about the 500 kilograms of drugs found in Cyprus.

In particular, he explained that these drugs were intended for another market, specifically for Lithuania. It is a new synthetic substance called mephedrone and it causes the same side effects as ecstasy and amphetamines. These drugs would be flown to Lithuania.

In relation to their value, he noted that it is more than 8 million euros. However, in previous statements, the Police spokesperson, Christos Andreou, had stated that their value is estimated to exceed 1 million euros. But he pointed out that "it is of great monetary value, exceeding 1 million euros, however in each country its value is different. Even this substance is used as it is, while with some procedures other synthetic narcotic substances can be manufactured, with the result that the original quantity is multiplied".

At the end of the tests, these drugs will be destroyed, just as the rest of the drugs are destroyed.

Source: Sigmalive