The 73-year-old doctor is released on parole – Case of sexual harassment

The doctor suspected of sexually harassing a 24-year-old woman has been released on parole

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The 73-year-old private doctor, who is suspected of sexually harassing a 24-year-old trainee doctor, was charged in writing and released with conditions to be summoned to court later.

According to the press representative of ADE Paphos and head of TAE Paphos Michalis Nikolaou, the 73-year-old man was charged before the Paphos District Court on Monday, he was released on condition and the case was set for hearing purposes on September 22.

In addition, a 40-year-old suspect in the case of the rape of a 59-year-old woman was referred to the Criminal Court. The case was set for April 24.

Source: KYPE