"A love in the dead zone"- If he goes undercover he will be arrested

He can't go occupied and she can't go to the free areas - See the photos of the couple

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With Title "A love in the dead zone" "Genie Duzen" columnist Serhat Incirli writes today about his relationship 22-year-old Alkin Veli – which has and British citizenship – who, because he did not form an army in the occupied territories, cannot move to the pseudo-state and resides in the free areas, and his fiancee of the same age, Ayse Gul, who is of Turkish origin, was born in the occupied territories and therefore cannot pass to the free areas.

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Incirli notes that if Veli passes into the occupied territories he will be arrested as a deserter, although he is willing to pay the funding for his tenure and even more. The Department of Foreigners and Immigration of the Republic of Cyprus, the publication states, do not allow Gul to pass through the free zones because "you are Turkish".

The two young people, writes Serhat Incirli,they meet at the Partnership House and spend time together and publishes related photos in his article.

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The young man's mother, Emine Olkan, explained to the Turkish columnist that her son does not have an identity card of the pseudo-state, he lived in the occupied territories with his grandmother and grandfather from 2004 to 2014 and then they all went together and stayed in Britain, where he studied . They learned that he is considered a deserter as he had to join the army and can't go to possessions, reported, saying the 22-year-old resides in the free zones.

They all came together from England, she added, saying that she herself comes from Ambelikou and her husband from Arodes. They live, she said, in the occupied areas and her son in the "south", as mentioned in the free areas.

With her daughter-in-law, she continued, who resides in the "north" where she was born, her son is in the Partnership House. "All day long they sit there, there they are. And we take them food to eat there" he said.

Like her son, said Olkan, there are other Turkish youths abroad, who because they haven't made an army in the pseudo-state they can't go back and face human difficulties, as he mentioned.

"Alkin is not leaving the army, but he can't go now because he will lose his job. It's not an issue 30.000 or 40.000 TL, if we need to pay and 200.000 TL but my son, our children, do not live this torture. Please" he said.

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Commenting on this story, Serhat Incirli writes that "the Cyprus issue must be resolved, I am sure of that. You may not want it solved, and I'm not sure either, but let it go Cypriot, you don't lift a finger to solve the problems faced by young people like Alkin and Ayse."

He notes that in the occupied territories, for years, no solution has been found to the issue of military service for young people who are abroad saying on the one hand they are labeled a deserter, but on the other hand if they get money, they consider that they have done their duty.

Whatever it is, he writes, “can't you help Alkin and Ayse? In the name of humanity and love. Keep watching and be fooled!”

**Photo source: yeniduzen