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In the battle to stop the pandemic and technology

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In the battle of our country for the suppression of the coronavirus pandemic and the reduction of the risk of the spread of the virus, the technology has now been thrown, through the development of the mobile application (application) CoVTracer EN.

Due to the increasing number of cases recorded in recent weeks in the community, the Tracking Team evaluates approximately 3,000 people daily who, by definition, are considered close case contact. The primary goal of the application is to strengthen and supplement the tracking work, informing, through notifications, the citizens in case they have come in contact with a coronavirus case and are evaluated according to an algorithm as "possible close contacts".

In the context of the strategy for the gradual lifting of restrictive measures and the reopening of places where strangers can congregate, the voluntary use of this simple means, contributes to greater security of citizens. Especially in crowded places and it is not possible for the citizen to know all the people around him (eg restaurants, department stores, supermarkets, universities, etc.), the application is an easy-to-use tool that can inform user in a timely manner if exposed to the virus. It is estimated that the implementation will be equally useful in view of the reactivation of the tourism sector, which is expected to be undertaken by EU countries in the near future. Already, similar applications are being used in 20 EU countries by 82 million European citizens.

By the way, it is recalled that:

1. Individuals who are positive for the virus must report to the Inhalation Team all persons with whom they have been in contact and inform the persons concerned.
2. Individuals who are defined as close contacts, should immediately limit themselves and wait for instructions from the Ministry of Health.
3. In the context of tracking, close contacts are subjected to molecular examination (PCR test) after arranging an appointment through the Public Health Clinics.
4. The duration of the self-restriction is 14 days, unless the citizen undergoes a PCR examination, at his own expense, on the 10th day of the self-restriction with a negative result.
5. In case of symptoms at any time during the period of self-limitation, the person must contact the Personnel of the Doctor, stating that it is close contact of the case, to give him the necessary medical guidance.