Nine complaints of breach of the pandemic

1.681 inspections were carried out throughout Cyprus

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In the last 24 hours, until Thursday morning, the Police proceeded with nine citizens' complaints, as part of the nationwide checks for the observance of the measures against the spread of the virus. COVID-19.

Specifically, as a representative of the Press Office of the Police stated in KYPE, in the last 24 hours, 1681 checks were carried out throughout Cyprus, from which 9 complaints of citizens emerged.

In Nicosia, 407 inspections were carried out, without any complaints. In Limassol, 166 checks were carried out and 1 citizen was reported. In Larnaca, 376 checks were carried out and 3 citizens were reported. In Paphos, 48 ​​inspections were carried out, without complaints. In the province of Famagusta, 401 inspections were carried out and 5 citizens were reported. In the area of ​​Morfos, 121 checks were carried out, without any complaints, while no complaints were made from the 151 and 13 checks of the Traffic and the Port and Maritime Police respectively.