Detection of undeclared employees and fines after inspections Working

Undeclared work - Heavy fines after inspections

The Ministry of Labor announced that 5 undeclared employees were identified and 5 Infringement Notices and 2 Fine Imposition Acts amounting to € 5.000 were issued, following inspections at industrial premises.

The Inspection Service of the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance, in the context of the effort to combat undeclared work and the control of compliance with Basic Labor Laws, in January 2022 carried out targeted inspections in Pancyprian based Industries / Industries.

Specifically, as mentioned, inspections were carried out in 197 premises, where 149 employers and 48 self-employed workers were identified. The total number of employees identified was 413 (347 men and 66 women). Analytically, as mentioned, 290 were Greek Cypriots, 75 EU citizens, 45 foreigners from third countries and 3 Turkish Cypriots.

"The purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness of all those involved in these economic activities, regarding the consequences of undeclared work and non-compliance with the provisions of the relevant legislation," it said.

It is noted that, according to the provisions of the relevant Legislation, in case of locating an undeclared person in the Social Insurance Fund, an administrative fine of € 500 is issued multiplied by 7 months, unless it is proven by the employer that the period of violation was shorter. If it turns out that the breach period was longer, the fine is multiplied by the actual months.

It is reminded that the pan-Cypriot telephone line 77778577 accepts anonymous / branded complaints / information in relation to undeclared work or violation of the terms of employment.