Famagusta District: 332 checks by the Police in the last 24 hours

Across Cyprus, there were 7 complaints from citizens and 9 people in charge of premises

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In the last 7 hours, the Police proceeded with complaints from 9 citizens and 24 people in charge of the premises, after 1.954 inspections carried out throughout Cyprus, in order to verify the observance and implementation of the decrees of the Law on Infectious Diseases.

According to statements by a representative of the Communication Branch of the Police Headquarters at KYPE, in Nicosia 532 inspections were carried out, in which 4 citizens and 7 premises were reported, while in Limassol 191 inspections were carried out, from which 1 citizen complaint and 1 property complaint emerged.

At Larnaca 433 inspections were carried out and 1 premises was reported in Paphos 123 inspections were carried out, from which 2 citizens' complaints emerged, in Famagusta 332 inspections were carried out without a complaint, while in the area of ​​Morfos 174 inspections were carried out, without a complaint as well.

In addition, the Traffic Police carried out 152 inspections nationwide, without any complaint.