Famagusta: "Bell" € 4000 in supermarket - Accepted customers without safepass

Heavy "bells" for the measures in the last twenty-four hours

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A total of seven premises and nine citizens were reported the last twenty-four hours by the Police, in the context of the controls for the implementation of the decrees against its spread COVID-19.

A total of 2190 inspections were carried out in Cyprus.

At Nicosia 791 inspections were carried out and complaints were lodged by three establishments and one citizen, in Limassol 193 checks with complaints of one estate and four citizens, in Larnaca 405 checks with complaints against an estate and a citizen and in Paphos 195 inspections were carried out and one estate was reported.

At Famagusta after 368 checks, three citizens and an estate were reported to Morphou 121 checks were made without complaints.

Η Traffic police did 103 checks and the Port Police 14 inspections without any complaints.

The fine stands out among the complaints 4000 euro imposed on a supermarket in Famagusta which allowed entry to customers who did not have safepass, against estate in Nicosia of which the person in charge did not have safepass and against premises in Λεμεσού in which a fine of 1000 euros was imposed because there was no check for safepass at the entrance.