The "Roof for All" platform is reactivated

The reasons that led to its creation in 2019 have sharpened

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The Coordinating Group of the social platform "Stegi gi Allus" deems its reactivation necessary and imperative, as the reasons that led to its creation in 2019, not only exist but have intensified.

In a statement, it is stated that on Tuesday a meeting of the Coordinating Group of the social platform "Housing for All" was held, during which the common goal of the Organizations that make up the platform was confirmed, to assert the right of every citizen to decent affordable housing, as well as to assert integrated state housing policy.

"It is a common admission that the reasons that in 2019 led to the creation of the "Roof for All", not only still exist, but have become more acute. The state's housing policy does not respond to the modern needs of the citizens, while at the same time new data have emerged that challenge the right to housing more strongly: The plans announced by the government are insufficient, while at the same time the continuous increase in interest rates makes the risk of new non-residents of serviced loans more visible than ever", states the announcement, also noting that rent prices have risen steeply, as have the cost of building a residence, at a time when the problems in the refugee settlements are increasing and intensifying, and the issue of sales is intensifying.

Therefore, the Coordinating Group of "Shelter for All" decided that the reactivation of the platform is necessary and imperative and therefore invites the Organizations that make up the platform, as well as other Organizations, to an open meeting next Wednesday, September 27. In addition, it prepares the update of its positions and requests, as well as its next steps and actions.

"In the fight to ensure the right to a roof, no one is spared", the announcement concludes.