Incidents at "AEK Arena" - Shots fired and a police officer injured

Handcuffs on a 51-year-old

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Incidents and injuries occurred before and after last night's football match, in Larnaca, between the teams of AEK and Nea Salamina. A police officer and a citizen were injured in the incidents, while the Police proceeded to arrest a 51-year-old man.

Specifically, before the start of the match, there was a fight and stone throwing between the fans of the two teams. Anti-riot teams of the Police intervened to enforce order.

One person was injured during the incident. He went to the First Aid Department of the Larnaca General Hospital, from where the above person left without being examined.

After the end of the match, during the departure of the fans from the stadium, a section of fans of one team threw stones at members of the Police, who were in the stadium. With the intervention of anti-disruption groups, order was restored, while members of the Police proceeded to arrest a 51-year-old man, for the self-inflicted crime of insulting.

The 51-year-old, after being accused in writing, was released to be summoned before the Court.

During the second phase of the incidents, a member of the Police was injured in the face by a bottle thrown at him. The police officer was taken to the Larnaca General Hospital, where he was detained for treatment. As it was established, he suffered fractures of the right cheekbone, nasal bone and right sinus, as well as an open laceration of the upper lip.

TAE Larnaca is investigating the case.