Investigations into the murder of Kalitsioni are also being extended to the Central Prisons.

VALENTINOS, TAE Famagusta, murder of Kallitsioni

Investigations, collection of evidence and investigations in various places compose the scene of the actions of the investigators of the TAE Famagusta regarding the brutal murder of 29-year-old Panagiotis Kallitsionis on Thursday night outside his paternal home in Ormidia.

The microscope of the forensic service includes the three cartridges found on the scene, the footprints of shoes and motorcycles allegedly belonging to the perpetrators, as well as the 29-year-old's phones.

Threats and abroad

From analyzing the victim's telecommunications data, investigators are looking for answers about who may have been threatening him lately.

According to eyewitness accounts, the 29-year-old appears to have made plans with his wife and their two children to go abroad permanently. Plans that were postponed due to the pandemic.

Yesterday, in fact, the legal autopsy was performed on the body of the victim, which was performed by the medical examiners Nikola Charalambous and Angeliki Papetta.

It was found that he received a total of 5 bullets, 4 from the front and one from the side.

They were watching him

For days now, it seems that some people wanted to execute the death contract. Testimonies speak of suspicious movements outside his paternal home, movements which he himself seems to have noticed for the last 24 hours, using his wife's car and not the motorcycle he usually drove.

The perpetrators of the murderous ambush are proving to be well-read about the movements of the 29-year-old but also about the area. The area offers several escape points, while at the same time there are no closed monitoring circuits nearby. That's why investigators have so far found no images to help with the investigation.

Investigations will also be extended to the central prisons, as the victim was released two months ago as part of a plan to decongest due to the coronation pandemic.

Source: Ant1